Via Pacifica Selections is committed to making sure you know what you're drinking.  When we think of wine we think grapes and assume that all wines are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  This, however, is not the case as animal, fish and dairy products are used by some wineries in the production of wine during the fining process. 
The purpose of adding a fining agent preparation to wine is to soften or reduce its astringency and/or bitterness; remove proteins capable of haze formation and to alter colour. These fining agents are then removed from the wine at the end of the fining process.
We check with all of our wineries to establish what has been used during the winemaking process and our vegan and vegetarian icons are displayed on our website to highlight which wines are suitable for your requirements.

Suitable for Vegetarians
These wines are suitable for vegetarians and have been produced without the use of animal or fish products, excluding dairy.

Vegan Friendly
These wines are suitable for vegans and have been produced without the use of animal, fish or dairy products.